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SYRACUSE – Team Flyers recently participated in The Snowball Challenge gymnastics meet.

The Flyers Level 3 and 4 teams brought home first-place team banners and Team Flyers optionals brought home third.

Several team members also captured first-place all-round titles. They were Lauren Allen and Emma Pumford at Level 3; Mia Delong, Claire Pumford, and Shelby Swindell at Level 4; and Alexandra Stone at Level 6.

Article PhotosIMG_0794

These are the members of Team Flyer who participated in The Snowball Challenge. In front, from left, are head coach Marissa Melson, Olivia Nellis, Rylie Loomis, Mia Delong, Olivia Pinciaro, Samantha Gilbert, Madisen Seastrum, Holland Isaacson, Lauren Allen, Taylor Ingrao, Corrine Inkley, Madison Johnson and Marielle Stanz. In back are head coach Sherri Melson, Kayla Allen, Claire Pumford, Shelby Swindell, Cassidy Allen, Rachael Ward, McCauley Fox, Mackenzie Wright, Alexandra Stone, Madison Kehe, Mara Marsh, Emma Pumford, Hailey Lindahl, team choreographer and ballet coach Fawn Schuster. Absent were Mariana Waite and Kendall Steward.
Submitted photo

Taking the top spot on the vault were Rylie Loomis, Delong, Olivia Pinciaro and Shelby Swindell.

Earning gold on bars were Marielle Stanz, Kendall Steward, Pumford, Delong, Pinciaro, Stone, Rachael Ward, Mariana Waite, Samantha Gilbert and Mackenzie Wright.

Taking first on beam were Stanz, Allen, E.Pumford, C.Pumford and Ward.

Earning gold on floor were L.Allen, C.Pumford and Stone.

Several team members also participated earlier in the month at The Judge’s Cup in Rochester.

Gilbert at Level 8 claimed second on bars 8.7 and sixth AA with 33.475.

At Level 7, Ward claimed second on bars 9.2 and 10th AA 34.35. Waite claimed fifth bars 8.35, McCauley Fox was seventh in floor 8.7 and Madisen Seastrum earned sixth in vault 8.8.

At Level 6, Holland Isaacson grabbed sixth on beam 8.9 and Stone claimed 10th in vault 8.8 and ninth on beam 8.65.

For the Level 4s, Rylie Loomis took fifth on bars 8.35. Olivia Nellis took third in vault 9.2, seventh on beam 9.0, and 8th AA 34.60. Mia Delong grabbed 10th floor 8.85, Swindell earned sixth on beam 9.2 and Kayla Allen placed third in bars 9.05. Olivia Pinciaro was fourth in vault 9.15, seventh in floor 9.25 and eighth AA 35.70. Claire Pumford took third on beam 9.45, fourth in floor 9.3, and fourth AA 36.15

Snowball Challenge Results

Level 3

6-7 year olds

Marielle Stanz vault 6.0, bars 8.4 1st, beam 8.75 1st, floor 8.525 2nd, AA 32.225 2nd

9 year olds

Kendall Steward vault 9.2 10th, bars 9.35 1st, beam 8.7 10th, floor 9.075 8th, AA 36.325 4th

Corinne Inkley vault 8.55, bars 8.8 5th, beam 8.9 7th, floor 9.1 7th, AA 35.35 8th

10 year olds

Lauren Allen vault 8.8, 9.15 2nd, beam 9.2 1st, floor 9.325 1st, AA 36.475 1st

Taylor Ingrao vault 9.15, bars 9.0 4th, beam 8.65 4th, floor 8.7, AA 35.5 4th

11 & up

Emma Pumford vault 9.3 2nd, bars 9.025 1st, beam 9.3 1st, floor 8.85 5th, AA 36.475 1st

Mara Marsh vault 8.9, bars 9.0 2nd, beam 8.3, floor 9.1 2nd, AA 35.30 3rd

Hailey Lindahl vault 8.95, bars 8.55 4th, beam 8.8, floor 8.925 4th, AA 35.225 4th

Madison Kehe vault 8.75, bars 8.05, beam 9.15 2nd, floor 8.525 7th, AA 34.475 5th

Madison Johnson vault 8.65, bars 8.65 3rd, 8.9 5th, floor 8.25 9th, AA 34.45 6th

Level 4

9 year olds

Rylie Loomis vault 8.3 1st, bars 8.1, beam 8.35 3rd, floor 8.225, AA 32.975 4th

10 year olds

Mia Delong vault 8.75 1st, bars 9.0 1st, beam 8.65 4th, floor 8.55 2nd, AA 34.95 1st

Olivia Nellis vault 8.65 2nd, bars 8.1 4th, beam 8.45 5th, floor 8.525 3rd, AA 33.725 2nd

11 year olds

Claire Pumford vault 8.0 4th, bars 8.65 4th, beam 9.35 1st , floor 9.5 1st, AA 35.50 1st

Olivia Pinciaro vault 8.2 1st, bars 9.375 1st, beam 8.6 3rd, floor 9.0 2nd, AA 35.175 2nd

Kayla Allen vault 8.2 2nd, bars 9.2 2nd, beam 8.0, floor 8.05, AA 33.45 4th

Cassidy Allen vault 7.55, bars 9.0 3rd, beam 8.4, floor 8.4 5th, AA 33.35 5th

12 & up

Shelby Swindell vault 8.8 1st, bars 9.1 2nd, beam 8.4, floor 8.325, AA 34.625 1st

Level 6

13 & under

Holland Isaacson vault 7.9, bars 8.2 5th, beam 8.15, floor 8.45, AA 32.70 6th

14 & up

Alexandra Stone vault 8.8 2nd, bars 8.35 1st, beam 8.8 2nd, floor 9.1 1st, AA 35.05 1st

Level 7

12 & 13 year olds

Rachael Ward vault 9.25 2nd, bars 9.0 1st, beam 8.6 1st, floor 8.875, AA 35.725 2nd

14 & up

Mariana Waite vault 8.55, bars 9.1 1st, beam 8.0 3rd, floor 8.775, AA 34.425 2nd

Madisen Seastrum vault 8.85 2nd, bars 7.85, beam 7.75, floor 8.9, AA 33.35 5th

Level 8

11 & up

Samantha Gilbert vault 8.1, bars 9.1 1st, beam 8.15, floor 9.0 2nd, AA 34.35 3rd

Level 9 Senior

Mackenzie Wright vault 9.15 2nd, bars 8.8 1st, beam 7.45 3rd, floor 8.5 3rd, AA 33.90 3rd

March 12, 2013
The Post-Journal
Save | Post a comment | Team Flyers recently participated in the prestigious I Love NY Cup at SUNY Cortland recently.

The Flyers Level 4 team and prep-optional platinum team both captured second-place team banners.

Earning gold in the all-around were Claire Pumford (Level 4) and Kendra Nickerson (Xcel Silver). Shelby Swindell (Level 4) and Alexa Meabon (Level 6) captured gold on vault. Olivia Pinciaro (Level 4) and McCauley Fox (Level 5) won gold on bars. Jennifer Roof (Xcel Platinum) took gold on beam and Claire Pumford (Level 4) earned gold on floor.

Article Photos
These members of the Falconer Flyers gymnastics team participated in the I Love NY Cup. In front, from left, are Mia Delong, Lauren Allen, Claire Pumford, Taylor Ingrao, Olivia Nellis, Rylie Loomis, Olivia Pinciaro and Kendall Steward. In the second row Kayla Allen, Caroline Smelko, Kelsey Smith, Kendra Nickerson, Keeley McWilliams, Mara Marsh and Cassidy Allen. In the third row are McCauley Fox, Emily Pfleuger, Alexandra Stone, Alexa Meabon, Holland Isaacson and Erin Vanderzyden. In back are Mariana Waite, Mikayla Capestrani, Mackenzie Wright and Samantha Gilbert. Absent were Shelby Swindell and Jennifer Roof.
Submitted photo

Level 4

Child 1

Kendall Steward vault 9.1 4th, bars 7.55 8th, beam 7.65, floor 7.75 8th, & AA 32.05 7th

Junior 1

Olivia Nellis vault 9.25 2nd, bars 9.45 3rd, beam 8.725 6th, floor 8.8 3rd, & AA 36.225 3rd

Rylie Loomis vault 8.65, bars 9.0 8th, beam 8.3, floor 8.325 8th, & AA 34.275 9th

Taylor Ingrao vault 8.8, bars 8.75, beam 7.75, floor 7.2, & AA 32.50 12th

Junior 2

Mia Delong vault 8.9, bars 9.0 3rd, beam 8.2, floor 8.625 4th, & AA 34.725 3rd

Lauren Allen vault 8.85, bars 8.4 6th, beam 8.95 3rd, floor 8.45 5th, & AA 34.65 5th

Senior 1

Claire Pumford vault 9.3 2nd, bars 9.0 6th, beam 9.375 2nd, floor 9.2 1st, & AA 36.875 1st

Cassidy Allen vault 9.0 7th, bars 9.4 2nd, beam 8.925 4th, floor 8.325 7th, & AA 35.65 4th

Kayla Allen vault 9.1 4th, bars 9.3 4th, beam 8.2 8th, floor 8.45 6th, & AA 35.05 6th

Senior 2

Olivia Pinciaro vault 9.45 3rd, bars 9.6 1st, beam 9.4 2nd, floor 9.075 2nd, & AA 37.525 2nd

Shelby Swindell vault 9.71st, bars 9.45 3rd, beam 9.1 3rd, floor 8.65 4th, & AA 36.90 3rd

Caroline Smelko vault 9.6 2nd, bars 8.75, beam 9.05 4th, floor 8.75 3rd, & AA 36.15 4th

Mara Marsh vault 9.15 5th, bars 8.8 6th, beam 7.8, floor 8.35 6th, & AA 34.10 6th

Level 5

Senior 2

McCauley Fox vault 7.65, bars 9.475 1st, beam 9.275 3rd, floor 9.15 4th, & AA 35.55 3rd

Erin Vanderzyden vault 7.7, bars 8.25 4th, beam 7.9, floor 7.8, & AA 31.65

Level 6

Junior 1

Holland Isaacson vault 8.85 2nd, bars 7.15, beam 8.825 9th, floor 8.65 8th, & AA 33.95 7th

Junior 2

Emily Pfleuger vault 7.9, bars 7.8, beam 9.0 7th, floor 8.4 9th, & AA 33.10 8th

Senior 2

Alexandra Stone vault 8.0, bars 8.7 2nd, beam 8.6 10th, floor 8.65 8th, AA 33.95 7th

Alexa Meabon vault 8.85 1st, bars 7.9 8th, beam 8.35, floor 8.275, & AA 33.50 9th

Level 7


Samantha Gilbert vault 8.875, bars 9.45 2nd, beam 7.2, floor 9.0 5th, & AA 34.525


Mariana Waite vault 8.4, bars 8.05 7th, beam 6.0, floor 7.6, & AA 30.05

Level 9


Mackenzie Wright vault 8.9 2nd, bars 7.35 5th, beam 7.775, floor 8.6, & AA 32.625 6th

Mikayla Capestrani vault 8.65 5th, bars 5.85, beam 8.05 6th, floor 8.225, & AA 30.775

Xcel Prep-Ops


Kendra Nickerson vault 5.50, bars 8.75, beam 8.625, floor 7.3, AA 30.175 1st


Kelsey Smith vault 8.35, bars 8.6 3rd, beam 8.625 2nd, floor 8.0, AA 33.575 3rd

Jennifer Roof vault 7.75, bars 9.1 2nd, beam 8.725 1st, floor 7.45, AA 33.025

Keeley McWilliams vault 7.55, bars 7.5, beam 6.0, floor 7.0, AA 28.05

Benefit Set For Kennedy Girl Fighting Lymphoma

January 15, 2013
Last year, a 13-year-old Falconer Central School student helped with a service project at the Ronald McDonald house, in addition to many other acts of volunteerism. Now, a benefit will be held to provide the community a chance to give back.

The benefit, which will be held for Sydney “Syd” Kresconko, of Kennedy, is scheduled for Saturday from 1-7 p.m. at the Frewsburg Fire Department in the blue building.

The event, which will be hosted by Falconer Future Business Leaders of America, of which Syd is the treasurer, will feature a chicken or beef chili bread bowl dinner, a Chinese auction, basket drawings, face painting, a photo booth, and live entertainment by the Junior Guilders, Headbanger’s Ball, Disturbing the Peace and more. A donation of $10 for adults and $5 for children ages 12 and under will be accepted at the door.

Article Photos

Michelle Johnson, a teacher at Falconer Central School and adviser for FBLA, decided to throw this benefit after seeing Syd help with a service project last year at the Ronald McDonald House even though she had just undergone two surgeries to remove tumors.

According to Keith Kresconko, Syd’s father, who is a teacher at Falconer Central School, the money raised during the event will be helpful, but really he just hopes that friends and family will come to the benefit to have fun and support Syd.

“It’s going to be so much fun to see everybody and to see how many people want to come out and support Syd,” said Keith. “Falconer has been great to me, and all of us actually. You don’t realize how much support is out there until you’re going through this, and how much we want to give back once this is over.”

Syd’s mother, Leslie, who is a teacher’s aide in the special education department of Fenner Elementary School in Falconer, said that Syd is currently undergoing chemotherapy at Buffalo Children’s Hospital to help combat B-Cell lymphoblasic lymphoma. So, she had to take time off from school, chorus, playing the flute, gymnastics and FBLA.

“It started in February, being a gymnast she had some muscle pain so we took her to a neurologist who did an MRI and found that she had an 8-inch tumor on her spine that was branching out into her chest,” said Leslie. “She went into surgery four days later, and they removed most of the tumor. However, she had to go back two weeks later to get the rest of the tumor out from her chest. All the tests at the time showed that the tumor was benign and that there were no indications of it being malignant. We went for followup MRIs every three months and everything was great until November when they found a baseball-sized tumor in her kidney. They did a biopsy the next day to find it was lymphoma.”

So, Syd started chemotherapy and is currently in stage two of five. This stage requires a trip to Buffalo every other week, but she also receives treatment at home from The Visiting Nurses Association.

“The doctors say that in a couple months she should be fine and this should all be behind us,” said Leslie. “So, we’re keeping positive attitudes to help her get better.”

“By next school year she should be back in school with a full set of hair and back to gymnastics,” added Keith.

In an act of solidarity, Leslie’s mother and Keith’s sister will shave their heads at the benefit. They are being sponsored to do so as a fundraiser. Anyone who wishes to join in the act is welcome.

Chris Schrader, a teacher at Falconer Central School, designed T-shirts at the Jock Shop that read “Syd Strong” on the front with a checklist on that back that reads “Cancer Checklist: Fight, Faith, Hope, Win.” So far more than 520 shirts have been sold at $10 per shirt as another means of fundraising. A limited number of shirts should be available at the benefit.

“It will be fun seeing everybody and to see my friends and family there to support me,” said Syd. “You just got to stay strong.”

For more information search for “Benefit for Sydney Kresconko” on Facebook.

Local Clubs Benefit From Gymnastics Fever

Yes, Michael Phelps captured his Olympic-record 17th and 18th gold medals, increasing his overall total to a whopping 23, on Friday and Saturday in the final Olympic events of his storied swimming career. Yes, the U.S. Women’s Soccer team remained undefeated and extended its shutout streak to an incredible 368 minutes before snatching a come-from-behind victory over Canada, 4-3, to advance to the gold medal game against Japan. And yes, the U.S. men’s basketball team continues to steamroll opponents on the way to yet another gold medal (one of its more recent victories, in fact, was a record-setting rout of Nigeria, 156-73).

Those are all great stories, but they aren’t the biggest stories to come out of London over the first week of the 2012 Olympic Games.

No, thus far the real story, the story that has captured the imagination of both die-hard fanatics and mere casual viewers from coast to coast, has been the dominance of U.S. women’s gymnastics and the so-called “Fab Five.”

There will be plenty of area girls participating in gymnastics this fall thanks to the boost in popularity in the sport because of the success of the United States women’s team. This action was during a past practice session of the Falconer Flyers. P-J photo by Valory S. Isaacson

With successes coming in dominating fashion both in the team – the squad won its first Olympic gold since 1996 by a whopping 5.066 points, the largest margin of victory in 52 years, over Russia – and individual competitions – Gabby Douglas won the all-around gold medal to become the first American in the sport to win both an individual and team gold medal at the same Olympics- gymnastic’s popularity, it seems, is at its zenith.

“There’s always a lot of interest (in the sport) during the Olympics,” Karen Stroup, owner of Stroup’s Gymnastics, said. “But when they bring home gold and silver and bronze medals, there’s a peak in the popularity because the kids are seeing these athletes in the headlines and on television a lot more.”

And local gymnastics programs, such as Stroup’s Gymnastics, the Falconer Flyers and the YMCA, are reaping the benefits.

“We don’t start our gymnastics program until September,” Lakewood Family YMCA branch manager Tom Anderson said, “but we’ve already seen an increased (amount of interest in the program). It’s been very noticeable.”

The craze, however, is nothing new. And according to local gym owners and gymnastics instructors such as Sherri Melson of the Falconer Flyers  and Stroup, the flood of interest and surge of phone calls are forecast – with great accuracy – to coincide with this major sporting event.

“Every four years I plan for it,” Melson said with a laugh. “We’ve been through this before, and all (of the local gyms) get a boost in attendance (from the Olympics). It happens all over the country. The phone has already started ringing off the hook, but we’re ready for it and have added a few more classes to prepare for the influx.”

Said Stoup, “Yes this happens every four years and is an expected cycle every Olympic games.”

Anderson agreed, “Every four years I’d say (the YMCA gymnastics program) gets about three or four times the amount of kids (compared to non-Olympic years) that want to participate.”

It’s a surge that they are more than happy to oblige.

“I don’t mind it at all,” Melson said. “It’s great for the sport and great for the kids. Not many people realize just how much impact it has on them, even if they only do it for a short time, in terms of coordination, strength and flexibility.”

While the Americans’ successes have introduced a great many new and eager fans to the sport, they have also reinvigorated those that have already been frequent participants in these local gymnastics programs.

“I marvel at the dedication of some of these kids,” Melson said. “We have a group that is here every Monday through Thursday at 8:30 a.m., and they are also really excited about it. They all say they want to be the next Gabby, or the next Jordyn (Wieber).”

And with the recent news that Douglas, Wieber and Aly Raisman (another member of the “Fab Five”) will be in town at the Jamestown Savings Bank Ice Arena in December, Anderson thinks that – at least in our area – this usually brief boom in interest may not be so brief after all.

“It’s tremendous what (the U.S.) team has done for the sport,” he said, “I think they may do for gymnastics what the Williams’ sisters did for tennis.”

Finished Melson, “There’s a lot be excited about right now.”

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