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2021-2022 Registration

Registration is open for new and returning gymnasts for the 2021-2022 school year program.

New Gymnast Registration

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POLY MIXED PARTNERSHIP: Colloquial A poly/mono commitment.

POLY/MONO; additionally , MONO/POLY: Colloquial Of or relating to a partnership between an individual who self-identifies as polyamorous and someone who self-identifies as monogamous.

POLY-SATURATED: Colloquial Polyamorous , but not currently available to new connections or newer lovers as a result of the number of current associates, or for the reason that energy restrictions which could create brand-new interactions hard. Contrast polyunsaturated. Usage: frequently thought about humorous or a little absurd. Appears to be popular mainly inside the american United States.

POLYSEXUAL: Colloquial Of or connected with affairs which have been intimately nonaˆ“ monogamous but that are not emotionally intimate. Use: often condescending or derogatory; as Bill is not really polyamorous, but only polysexual. May suggest dismissal or derision associated with the partnership so named. Discover relevant moving.

POLY-UNSATURATED: (Colloquial) Polyamorous , and at this time seeking or open to newer couples. Contrast poly-saturated. Use: frequently thought about funny or a little absurd. Is apparently popular mostly inside american US.

PRIMARY/SECONDARY: A polyamorous commitment build in which an individual has multiple lovers who aren’t equal to the other person in terms of interconnection, psychological intensity, intertwinement in practical or financial things, or power within the commitment. An individual in a primary/secondary connection may have one (or periodically, several) biggest partner and one or more extra secondary or tertiary lovers. A primary/secondary connection might be aˆ?prescriptiveaˆ? (definitely, a major few knowingly and purposely brings some rules wherein any extra couples tend to be secondary, usually since this is seen as a mechanism that may secure the prevailing union from damage triggered by further connections) or it could be aˆ?descriptive,aˆ? and appear from the nature together with situation of union. Discover appropriate tertiary, veto. Discourse: In practice, prescriptive primary/secondary connections may generate a host where folks in those added interactions believe unappreciated or insignificant, and that’s why some experienced polyamorous people do not construct their unique connections along implemented primary/secondary contours.

CHIEF: In a primary/secondary union, the person (or persons) when you look at the partnership aided by the finest amount of involvement or entanglement, or often the individual accorded probably the most benefits. You could be main either as an all natural consequence of the scenario and nature in the commitment (because that people gets the ultimate level of monetary entanglement, for example), or as a deliberate result of the partnership design and agreements (as in the fact of an existing partners exactly who attempt to put added couples best in the condition that people established partners have emerged as aˆ?less importantaˆ? compared to the few). Discover in addition co- major; distinction additional, tertiary. Commentary: individuals who intentionally attempt to make a relationship along prescriptive primary/secondary contours typically designate only one partnership due to the fact primary union. Those who try not to seek to build a relationship along prescriptive primary/secondary outlines may have more than one major union; a relationship gets biggest with regards to hits a certain aim of emotional commitment, functional entanglement, or both.

QUAD: A polyamorous partnership regarding four someone, each one of whom might or might not feel intimately and mentally associated with the rest of the people. Discover linked N. discourse: probably the most usual approaches for a quad to create happens when two polyamorous partners start passionate relations cross-couple .

PARTNERSHIP ANARCHY: a philosophy or application whereby men and women are considered liberated to engage in any interactions they pick, that spontaneity and freedom is desirable and needed faculties in healthier interactions, that no partnership needs to be joined into or constrained from a sense of task or duty, that any partnership preference was (or should-be) permitted, and also in which there isn’t necessarily an obvious distinction between aˆ?partneraˆ? and aˆ?non-partner.aˆ?

CONNECTION POSITIONING: an inclination for sexual or enjoying relations of a specific kind; as, for example, a preference for relations which are monogamous, for affairs which have been polyfidelitous, for interactions which have been polyamorous, etc. See connected switch (Def. 1). Commentary: in the same way some people feel that their own intimate direction try substance and a matter of choice in which people believe their unique sexual orientation try solved rather than susceptible to selection, thus perform some people believe their connection orientation was at the mercy of possibility whereas other people feel their partnership direction isn’t a point of solution. This has been my personal observation that people seem to be inherently monogamous, and canaˆ™t become delighted virtually any means; some individuals seem to be inherently polyamorous, and canaˆ™t become delighted some other ways; many people seem to be in a position, underneath the correct situations and with the right associates, are happy in a monogamous or a polyamorous partnership. (from significantly more than Two glossary.)

SAPIOSEXUAL: adjective (of a person) finding intelligence intimately appealing or stimulating.aˆ?I fulfilled a PhD scholar from Germany which said mexican cupid he is sapiosexual or noun a person who discovers intelligence intimately attractive or stimulating.aˆ?Iaˆ™m a sapiosexual and I also desire talk.aˆ?

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