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FEBRUARY 17TH & 18th




Meet Site: Flyers Gymnastics • 1765 Lindquist Drive • Falconer, NY 14733
Phone: (716) 483-3056 • VISIT: www.flyers-gymnastics.com
Admission: $8 for Adults • Children 12 & under are FREE
Deadline: Monday, January 20, 201
Entry Fees: $25.00 Team Fee (per club not level)
$60.00 (Level 2-5, Xcel Bronze/Silver/Gold) • $65.00 (Level 6-9, Xcel Platinum/Diamond)
Checks Payable to: Flyers Gymnastics
Over 50% Awards
To Register:
Teams may register by using the electronic form found on page 2
or on the USA Gymnastics website using the new meet registration tool.
Please Note:
Your payment will still need to be mailed
to Flyers Gymnastics by January 20, 2018 to complete your registration.
Please email our Director, Sherri Melson, with any questions
you may have at:


Flyers Contact Info