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2016-2017 Registration

Registration for the fall is now open to new and returning gymnasts. Please click here to register and pay online.


WELCOME TO FLYERS GYMNASTICS: Where your Gymnastics Dreams Take Flight


Flyer’s has been offering a quality learning experience to kids of all ages for over 10 years! We have a class for every age group, and skill level. We welcome all children. Whether your child wants a fun activity to help them stay active, wants to add strength and flexibility for other sports, or wants to achieve the goal of competing on a gymnastics team: Flyers Gymnastics is for



 MAKE UP DAY- 3/24/2017

This Friday Flyers will be holding a make up day offered to all kids who were affected by the snow days, who missed due to illness, or who need to make up for any other reason discussed between you and Flyers staff.
Hour classes will be able to make up This Friday from 4:30-5:30
Hour 1/2 classes or more, will be able to make up this Friday from 4:30-6:30


AERIAL CLINIC- 3/24/2017

Flyers will be offering it’s first ever Aerial clinic this Friday from 6:30-8:00. Any Flyers gymnast 6 and up are invited to come work on progressions leading up to the Aerial, as well as attempting them on the trampoline, in the pit, and on the floor.




Due to the up coming show in June we are no longer accepting new students for the occurring school year. We will unblock the registration page in the near future for summer enrollment!

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